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The 2023 Women Leaders Impact and Innovation Study Tour to Israel

Friday 3 – Sunday 12 November 2023Israel

The 2023 Women Leaders Impact and Innovation Study Tour to Israel

Led by Angela Mentis,
Group Executive, Digital, Data and Analytics, National Australia Bank

Supported by Pip Marlow,
CEO of Salesforce ANZ & ASEAN

The Circle is delighted to announce a 2023 Women Leaders Impact and Innovation Study Tour to Israel from Friday 3 – Sunday 12 November 2023. This will led by Angela Mentis, Group Executive, Chief Digital, Data & Analytics Officer NAB and supported by Pip Marlow, CEO of Salesforce ANZ & ASEAN.
Throughout the programme, delegtes will have the invaluable chance to engage directly with pioneering women leaders who are driving substantial advancements in technology, clean tech, cyber and security, VC, investment, AI, defence, health, judiciary, philanthropy, and entrepreneurship.

Embarking on this immersive journey, delegates will delve into the vibrant innovation ecosystem of Israel. The carefully curated itinerary will lead you from the Old City of Jerusalem to the bustling innovation hubs of Tel Aviv and beyond, offering a comprehensive exploration of a wide array of sectors.

Why Israel

The driving force behind Israel's entrepreneurial spirit stems from a genuine desire for problem-solving, curiosity, and building companies. During the visit, you will encounter the complexity that sets Israel apart from Silicon Valley and other ecosystems that manifests itself on various levels, including the nation's history and its formation, the ongoing conflicts both internal and external, compulsory military service, the intricate relationship between country and religion, and the absence of significant natural resources. It has been said that Israel's most valuable resource is its brain power.

Israel, known as the "Start-Up / Scale - Up / Impact Nation", boasts a vibrant culture of innovation and entrepreneurship. From a leadership lens, women leaders in Israel are a driving force in the economy and this landscape, breaking down barriers, and pioneering diverse fields. From high-ranking positions in the Israeli Defence Forces to influential roles in tech giants and start-ups, you will meet women who offer inspiring insights into fostering innovation, culture and promoting diversity in leadership.

The Itinerary

The Study Tour encompasses a comprehensive cultural and historical programme, combined with impactful business meetings at renowned organisations, and the focus will shift to exploring the roles of women in defence, technology, intellectual property, venture capital, health, and climate change. The programme includes high-profile meetings with women executives from esteemed companies like SoftBank, Microsoft, Google, and iAngels.

Throughout the tour, there will be key discussions centred around workforce diversity, offering the opportunity to engage marginalised communities and provide insights into how organisations are actively promoting diversity and inclusion. These interactions will shed light on the progressive efforts being made and inspire new perspectives on fostering a more inclusive professional landscape.

Why This Tour?

The Study Tour is an integral component of the Women Leaders by the Circle leadership programme. This delegation serves as a distinctive platform for women leaders from Australia, New Zealand and Singapore to immerse themselves in the Israeli innovation ecosystem and learn from its inspiring leaders. The aim of this cross-cultural exchange is to ignite innovative ideas, cultivate potential partnerships, and offer invaluable insights into promoting diversity and inclusivity in leadership roles. This enriching and empowering journey promises to have a profound impact on your own leadership path, fostering the collective empowerment needed to drive impactful change in your respective fields. 

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